This Archive gathers thematically selected documents – Greek and Latin literary sources, Greek, Latin, Etruscan and Italic inscriptions – relevant to the political and constitutional history of people and communities of ancient Italy and Sicily in pre-Roman and Roman times. 

Each piece of evidence is here published in its original language. An English and/or Italian translation and the relative modern literature is also supplied. 

The icon  in the Bibliographical Archive points to the presence of documents in the Documental Archive concerning that specific community, people or topic. 

J. Piccinini and N. Rafetseder are currently in charge of this Archive: see Staff.

The periodical abbreviations are those used in the Année Philologique: see Abbreviations.

Data are continuously updated and expanded: see News.

To inform us about your and/or other’s contributions: see Send/Request Information.

Citing a document of the Documental Archive:

Name of Editor, Title of Document, in: ARCAIT. Archivio Costituzioni Antiche in Italia. (access date)
Example:     J.Piccinini, Eraclea. Consultazione pubblica a Dodona. ca. 385/4 a.C in: ARCAIT. Archivio Costituzioni Antiche in Italia. (27.05.2014)