Editor: N.Rafetseder


[—]us O[—]

[—] cur(ator) rei p[ublicae]


in omnibus pe[—]

5    a splendidissi[mo ordine]

muneris sui [—]


Translation: “[—]us O[—]curator of the res publica of the Liparitani [—] in all/entirely pe[—] from the most splendid ordo, of his munus [—]”. (N.Rafetseder)

Find Spot: found in 2015 in Agrigento, near the area of the so-called Hellenistic-Roman temple

Support: six fragments of white marble slab (h. 50, 5; w. 48 cm; d. 3 cm)

No./Current location: Agrigento, Museo Regionale Archeologico Pietro Griffo

Dating: late 2nd – 3rd century AD (VALLARINO 2018)

Bibliography: EDCS-73700311 (photo), ISic4373 (photo); G.VALLARINO, L’epigrafe dall’area del Tempio ellenistico-romano, in: L.M.Caliò et alii (eds.), Agrigento. Nuove ricerche sull’area pubblica centrale, Roma 2017, 123-126 (photo); G.VALLARINO, Un nuovo curator rei publicae liparese da Agrigento, ZPE 207, 2018, 261-263 (photo); L.PFUNTNER, Urbanism and Empire in Roman Sicily, Austin 2019, 253 nt. 76.